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  • Autumn & Winter Mix


    We all need to take extra care of ourselves in the winter months. The cold weather can be harsh on our health and it is no different for the birds. A Blue Tit, for example, can lose 20% of its body weight on a cold night. This is why we make seasonal foods.

    At this time of year small birds need lots of fat, protein and carbs so they can stock up on energy to get them through the night. Our mix contains hemp and sunflower seeds to give them lots of oils and feather protection. Pinhead oats for quick energy. Natural suet pellets made from peanut flour so they can replace lost weight and peanuts which are also packed with calories to keep them on the go.

    You might want to supplement this with extra suet during periods of prolonged snow and ice.

    Loved by: Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Sparrows, Dunnocks Nuthatches, Long-tailed Tits and more.

  • Natural Suet Pellets


    Suet Story 

    Not all suet is created equal, some cheap suet is full of wheat & no actual goodness – it can even be glued together with wood glue! When you open a bag of cheaper suet what do you smell? It’s horrid, isn’t it? Well, that isn’t the case with ours, we have an all natural suet with no filler made with peanut flour.

    When you open the bag to one of our suets you smell real natural smells – our peanut suet even gives people nut cravings!

  • Finch & Siskin

    I’ve always longed to get finches in my Garden, having never seen Goldfinches until recently other than online. I have spent ages thinking about what they like to eat and how they might like it presented. That’s how I developed my Finch & Siskin mix.

    Finch & Siskin is a staple of The Garden Crowd garden & the finches love it.

  • Robin & Friends


    We all love Robins – they’re are Britain’s favourite bird but do you know what and how they love to eat? We do. That’s why we’ve developed a mix of food that is nutritional and exciting to them! They love fruits, mealworms, and fat. They don’t like cracked corn, peas or red millet – that’s filler!

    After months of putting out different selections and seeing what they liked and what they didn’t – I created this mix with Cranberries, Diced Apple & Sultanas – it’s packed with 20% fruit!

    Robins love variety like all birds, so it’s got lots of different treats and when you pour it out, it’ll be a bit different each time.


Check out what our lovely customers think

So many feathered friends enjoying the Songbird Blend from @gardencrowd! Almost time to order some more berry, nut and insect suet too, it's a big favourite! They love it!
April P
Dunnock, goldfinches, siskin, chaffinches. Just a few of my gorgeous gang who love the Robin & Friends mix from @gardencrowd! Seriously, if you love your birds, you got to try their food, it's the best!
The customer service at The Garden Crowd is fantastic. The birds in our garden love their hand blended food, especially the signature seed. The robins that I hand feed really enjoy their Robin and Friends mix! I would recommend this company to all!!
Kelly Rix
I honestly am so surprised how this food has attracted so many different birds to my garden which was previously only visited by Sparrows and Pigeons, now I have birds I have never even seen along with a lovely little Robin who I have named George 🙂 As a keen photographer this is fantastic and a real joy to watch.
Josie Jo
Not willing to share the bird food! Thank you @gardencrowd my wee birds are loving the autumn/winter mix 😋👍
K Mac

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