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Bird Food for Good

Support Garden Birds

We create premium wheat free garden bird food. It’s nutritious. Full of rich proteins, carbs, fats and much-needed oils. We don’t pack our food with cheap fillers like maize, corn or wheat.


Support Urban Birds

Our profits support Urban Birds in Glasgow & beyond. We do this by supplying food where natural resources are depleted plus homes and habitats for them to live and flourish.


Greener Cities

We believe that everyone should live & have access to green space. It is proven to lower stress, anxiety and depression. We want to create more greener cities for everyone.


We know our stuff

Zero Waste

Our bird food is packaged in plant based biodegradable bags. We offer the only truly plastic-free bird food in the UK. Our packaging & shipping is also good for the environment and we take care to make sure our enterprise meets our environmental policy goals.

Quality Bird Food

Good for the environment and good for the birds. Our bird food is wheat & filler free, seasonal and only has ingredients that small birds need. We are not the cheapest bird food, but it shows in the quality and nutritional value of our product.

Sustainable Bird Gifts

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