Plastic free July – choose a plastic free bird food

Plastic free July – choose a plastic free bird food
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We are all now well versed in the need to reduce our plastic intake, especially single-use plastics. At Garden Crowd, we believe in trying to reduce our plastic use everyday of the year. However, like #PlasticFreeFriday, #plasticfreejuly is a great way of focusing the mind.

It is a joy to see so many new products on the market that are coming up with innovative ways to reduce plastic, from bamboo toothbrushes to household cleaning products and even seed bombs.

We have always been a plastic-free brand and have specifically made our packaging in a recyclable, compostable bag with paper stickers so that you are not left with waste.

We also reuse boxes; we send out our deliveries in recycled boxes from orders and wrap them in our beautiful blue tit wrapping that can also be reused or recycled to make them look beautiful.


It is important to look after nature, feeding the birds is a key part of this. We can have so much impact in our own back gardens helping them with food lifelines and bird baths. For us, part of looking after nature is reducing our consumption of plastic. It always dismayed us that bird food came in plastic bags — why — I guess because it is cheaper from a manufacturing point of view.

We don’t manufacture our food, we blend it ourselves on a small scale and so we’re able to make a difference by choosing packaging that links in with our ethos of doing good by nature and supporting our wildlife, which for us includes the planet.


You can recycle your Garden Crowd bags with the labels on or you can compost them if you remove the labels — we’re still working on a compostable label but it won’t be long!

You can also reuse them. We sell all our seeds in bulk, which are sent out in hessian, so you can refill your old bags.

Some people even choose to grow herbs and things in our bags — which is a great way to reuse them.

Ultimately though, our bags have a cleaner footprint than using a bird food that comes with a plastic bag around it.


    • Seed Bombs — perfect for creating wildlife meadows and patches of flowers. BeeBombsKabloom & Seedball are all great!
    • Wraps for Picnics instead of cling-film — we love Bee Bee wraps
  • Bird Feeders — we’ve got a great selection of plastic free bird feeders

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