Getting your garden and wildlife off to a good start this Spring

Getting your garden and wildlife off to a good start this Spring
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We were really excited to be featured in the Guardian Supplement and online last weekend. If you didn’t see it, take a look, there are some great tips about supporting wildlife in your garden as well as a section on houseplants and how to get them in good shape too.

We fully believe that a garden for wildlife can be a gorgeous one and constantly talk about keeping away from ‘tidying’. Ditching the manicured lawns for grasses and nature. If you turn your garden over to nature it will do all the work for you and the reward will be much greater than a slice of green lawn.

Here are some more articles that we’ve written to help you get your garden in good shape for birds:

We’ve also written about how to attract different types of birds to your garden:

Ultimately in your garden birds need good habitat, trees and hedges, food and water. It’s quite simple really. You can also do things like adding Nestboxes to your garden to support them nesting or create ivy and hedging for birds like Robins, Wrens and Blackbirds that won’t use a nestbox in the tree.

Excerpt from the Guardian Article:

Bird feeders will need regular cleaning with hot soapy water to prevent the spread of disease: once that’s done, top up with Garden Crowd’s sustainable bird food, which comes in plastic-free, biodegradable packaging.

Birds will be nesting about now, so try to avoid pruning your hedges and trees, too.

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