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£5715 to go

Garden Crowd Hub

Garden Crowd’s mission is to help Urban Birds in towns & cities around the UK. We do that by selling the best quality bird food; made to mimic a natural diet and free from any cheap fillers. Our bird food is also plastic-free, biodegradable and zero-waste – the only bird food in the UK with these credentials.

Our mission is pretty big and at the moment we are pretty small. We work almost solely on volunteer hours & we work from a small residential space – blending, packing and shipping. We do some great stuff in Glasgow and since we started in 2016 we’ve shipped great bird food up & down the UK:

  • We support 2 community gardens and have seen increases in birds in their city locations
  • We provide the UK’s only plastic-free bird food & we’re constantly trying to improve that even more
  • We help community gardens understand bird feeding, nesting & habitat creation
  • We sponsor 10 bird feeders in Glasgow – helping birds find food where they wouldn’t normally

Due to our lack of space, we are having to turn away new community gardens and our processing time for orders is slower than we would like. We’d also love to lower our prices even more by buying big quantities of stock from our suppliers and passing on that saving to you, our customers. So we need your help:

What we want to achieve: 

  • Buy in more stock & bring our costs down
  • Deliver quicker – we can’t currently do next day delivery
  • Have a community hub so that our community groups can learn hands-on with us
  • Have a collection point for our Glasgow customers
  • To #feedmorebirds and work with more groups

To do this we need a bigger space and that’s why we’re asking for some help towards finding and setting that space up. This amount will go towards half of our costs in setting up a Garden Crowd hub in Glasgow. If you can support us that would be amazing.

With this money we will: 

  • Take on a small hub in Glasgow & fit it out with our blending kit (this amount will pay half of these costs)

We hope that with your support we can achieve all this and grow to benefit our customers, communities and the birds.