Community Update: Urban Birds Garnethill

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Our bird food supports Urban Birds in towns & cities. We do this by using the profits from our bags and working with community groups. Our community group in Glasgow, Garnethill is Friends of Garnethill Greenspaces (FROGGs). We have been working with them since April 2019; supporting them with bird feeders, bird food and nestboxes – we couldn’t do any of this without our customer’s support.

The FROGGs group has been busy supporting birds in their garden; using bird feeders & our urban birds food to feed birds that otherwise have to struggle on their own in the city. Garnethill is on the doorstep of Glasgow city centre and is a built-up area with very little natural space, so the bird feeders in this community garden are a real lifeline. `

We added feeders to the garden in May, just before doing that we took a benchmark count of the birds in their community garden within 1 hour. FROGGs have continued to count their birds monthly and the impact has been amazing already. They saw a huge leap in birds from their initial count (without the feeders and food) to their second count (with our food) in May and the birds plus the varieties keep on growing.

Urban Bird Feeding Increases Birds

April – Initial Count & May – 1 month after using our food
June – 2 months in & July – 3 months in

When we visited the garden, the bird feeders were full of sparrows and their fledglings. It was a wonderful sound of birdsong. It’s great to know that these young sparrows will grow up with food that is nutritious and natural in a space where they would normally struggle. Hopefully, through this partnership in Garnethill we can support more and more birds to grow up and survive. We need to feed more birds like the Urban Birds in Garnethill!

Nestboxes to support birds

As well as the bird feeders, we have been helping FROGGs with habitat in Garnethill. Expanding out from the community garden we have helped them to site bird nestboxes in their community garden, local park and viewing points. The bird feeders were put up to attract tits, sparrows and small nesting birds. In May, we hosted a stall at their community day to get the kids to paint the nestboxes and this week we put them up around the area.

Habitat is important too

FROGGs have created a gorgeous space for birds, butterflies and bees in an urban space. Their garden is full of with wonderful insects and pollinators. It is amazing to see against the backdrop of the concrete city.

Birds need this sort of habitat too. When we visited the garden we noticed birds darting amongst the bushes and eating small insects from the flowerbeds. Seeing this sort of bird behaviour in a really urban space is wonderful. We need to feed more birds; both with good quality bird food and natural spaces like this one!

Your bird food supports these birds

Buy purchasing bird food from us you’re helping us to achieve everything we’ve talked about in this blog. Our profits support birds like the urban birds in Garnethill. Every bag of bird food we sell does exactly that and it’s our collective buying power that can really make a difference to the natural world – thank you.

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