Environmental Policy

We are passionate about birds, the environment and the health and wellbeing of society. We want to protect and enhance the world that we live in. We want to make sure that birdsong is heard for generations to come. We want future generations to enjoy green spaces both in rural areas and our towns & cities. Our hope is that future generations will live in a world full of birds, wildlife and flora that is abundant and understood rather than diminishing at the rate it is today.

Sustainability is at the heart of that process and we want to demonstrate in our environmental policy you can download the full policy here.

Ways we are sustainable

Plastic Free Bird Food

Sustainability runs through our organisation, including what we are well-known for, our sustainable, plastic-free biodegradable packaging. We are the only bird food company in the UK to have packaging that can be more than just recycled. We offer a truly zero-waste alternative that can be composted in 10 weeks. Here’s a few key packaging stats we are proud of: –

  • Our bags are plastic-free and biodegradable; made from recycled pulp and cellulose they keep our bird food fresh for up to 6 months but can be composted to nothing in 10 weeks
  • Our labels are printed onto recycled pulp paper with ethical inks and non-toxic adhesives
  • We use all recycled pulp paper for our inserts, leaflets and thank-yous which are printed using ethical inks and can also be popped into the compost or recycling bin
  • Our boxes are by-products from local businesses – yes you might get bird food in a baguette box, but we like to reuse and recycle as much as possible. All our boxes are taped with recycled paper tape and non-toxic adhesives
  • Our stamps are made from FSC assured beech and polymer rubber and we use vegetable ink. They are provided by English Stamp Company and you can read their environment policy here

Our Process

Wind powered Green Hosting

  • Our electricity is also powered by Bulb Energy and you can read their environment policy here
  • We use Who Gives A Crap toilet paper – they are a sustainable toilet paper made without trees. They’re kind to mother nature, wildlife and birds.

  • Where possible we seek to be powered by local businesses – supporting our local economy through our tea, coffee and milk consumption.

Our Projects

We support birds in Urban spaces like Glasgow. Helping other community groups and organisations to encourage and support birds through practical interventions like sponsoring bird feeders, but also through education, garden planning support and sharing all our bird knowledge.