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We want to build a community of people who take action for nature. We have made a start here in our home city of Glasgow by supporting 2 community gardens. We are working to support more.

You can donate or buy bird food and all our profits will be used to feed birds and create natural spaces for them.

If you live in Glasgow and want to volunteer on our projects here please get in touch there’s lots to do.

If you live elsewhere you can get involved by making your garden or local greenspace more bird-friendly. Check out our information sheets for how you can do this

If you are involved in a community garden please get in touch. We hope to expand into other areas and provide support to gardens and green spaces all over the UK.

We are also looking for support with PR, design, fundraising and marketing. If you have any of these skills and would like to donate some time please contact us we would love to work with you.

We have two intern roles:

If you have a shop & would like to stock our food please email us.