Our favourite Father’s Day Gifts

Our favourite Father’s Day Gifts
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Father’s Day comes around every year. This year it is 16th June and we thought we’d put together a list of some of our favourite Father’s Day presents. We’ve searched for the perfect gifts for nature and bird lovers.

It can be super hard to buy for dads so we thought we would help by picking some of our favourite things, from bird feeders to books we’ve got a great list for you. All our reviews are independent too – we don’t get any commission to say nice things!

Bird Feeding

Green&Blue Bird Seed Feeder £55.00

This little bird feeder is one of our favourites. Not only is it is super stylish, but it’s also great for feeding the birds too. Dads everywhere are bound to fall in love with this feeder in their garden.

The innovative Birdball Seed bird feeder provides garden birds with a varied and reliable source of food. The simple yet stylish design offers safe, year-round feeding for garden birds such as blue tits, great tits, coal tits, house sparrows, finches, woodpeckers and nuthatches.

Green&Blue bird feeders are British made and available in a range of colours. This unique bird feeder is easy to fill and to clean, weather-proof and safe to leave outside all year round. The seed feeder makes an ideal gift for gardeners and nature lovers everywhere, especially those passionate about stunning design.

The feeder comes in 4 colours – White, Green, Blue & Grey so it will suit a range of gardens and styles.

Acorn Bird Feeder – National Trust £14.00

This is a great bird feeder for peanuts. Made from galvanised steel it is a plastic-free bird feeder with a mesh next to capture the peanuts. Decorate your outdoor space with this acorn bird feeder.

Hang the feeder from a tree branch and enjoy watching the birds visit for a snack. This novel bird feeder holds shelled peanuts in an acorn-shaped cage. Simply unscrew the holder from its lid and add the feed.

Garden Crowd Urban Bird Food £7.95

A great choice for any dads who love to feed the birds in their garden. Garden Crowd Urban Bird food attracts a wide variety of garden birds including; long tailed tits, sparrows, bullfinches, chaffinches, collared doves and even woodpeckers. Our food is not only a wheat free bird food it is also filler-free and completely zero-waste.

Plastic-free wild bird food as featured in the Guardian Newspaper

The urban bird mix is made from sustainable small seeds and mealworms that are sourced from farms without habitat loss. All packaged up in plastic-free, biodegradable bags.

Enamel Bird Feed Bin £22.50

When you buy bird food in plastic-free packaging, the best thing to do is decant it to a bird bin. This gorgeous cream (or grey) enamel tin from John Lewis is the perfect gift for a dad who loves feeding the birds (and stocking up on loads of tasty treats like suet pellets or fat balls).

This beautiful enamel tin from the Burgon & Ball garden range features a real leather handle for easy carrying.

A side hook stores an included metal scoop to distribute the feed carefully for your garden wildlife. A handy lid prevents it from attracting mice.

Nest Boxes & Wildlife Homes

Green Feathers DIY Camera Nest Box £87.98

We love these nifty kits and they offer an easy setup solution to getting your own BBC Springwatch style viewing. Does your dad love to see the fledglings in the garden? He’d probably enjoy watching them nest in these boxes too.

It is a complete wireless bird box camera kit includes everything you need to get started with a wildlife camera solution in your garden. This bundle features our handmade wooden bird box and tiny wireless bird box camera.

Personalised Nest Boxes £12.95

Want something a bit more personalised? Why not try one these nest boxes, which include a gorgeous plaque on the front.We love it for dads and grandpas on Father’s Day. The lovely wooden birdhouse is an essential addition to any thriving garden, especially if your recipient likes to encourage a wildlife-friendly environment.

Personalise this birdhouse with your own special note to ensure it is received with joy. Whilst the birdhouse is rather traditional in its styling, what is slightly unusual is the silver-coloured plaque on the outside.

Hedgehog House £29.99

This is a great way to support mammals like hedgehogs in your dad’s garden. Maybe he doesn’t just love wild birds but also enjoys the presence of other wildlife too.

If it was recently, you’re very lucky. Hedgehogs have suffered a massive decline in numbers in recent years. Providing them with a cosy and safe place to shelter (and nest if you’re really lucky!) is a great way to help them out.

This hedgehog house is big enough for a whole family of spiky garden friends. It’s spacious inside, sturdy, lightweight and waterproof and the hedgehogs can dig deeper if they wish. The hedgehogs will reward your kindness by munching through garden pests like slugs and snails.

Green&Blue Bat Block £84.95

If you know your dad is looking for something for a wall in his house or garden, then the Bat Block is a perfect gift. The Bat Block is designed to create roosting space for bats within the framework of new builds or to be retrofitted within existing properties. A simple, stylish way to help protect our Bat species and provide hibernation or maternity roosting space for them.

Green&Blue Bat Block
Green&Blue Bat Block

Bats play an important role within our environment. As well as performing some pollination, bats are a natural control of insect populations as these are their main food source.

The beautiful Bat Block features an internal FSC certified wooden panel plus a small entrance space to deter larger birds and predators.

Wildlife-friendly treats

Bird & Wild Coffee £3.79

We tried this coffee and love it. It’s one of the coffee that we drink in our office. Full of flavour, it’s great for the morning pick me up or warming you up when you’re outside watching the birds. It is also good for birds and supports birds in the coffee growing regions.

This coffee is Naturally grown under the rainforest canopy, this coffee provides a haven for birds and other wildlife and ideal conditions for nurturing deliciously different beans with a taste of the wild.

Gola Rainforest Chocolate £3.49

Everyone needs some chocolate, even Dads! This chocolate is a little bit different though. This chocolate is a beautiful bar of premium quality chocolate handcrafted in Cornwall, England, made from cocoa lovingly grown in the depths of the incredible Gola rainforest, Sierra Leone. With only two ingredients (cocoa beans and unrefined sugar), this 70% dark chocolate delivers a rich, sumptuous experience – a tribute to the hard work put in to produce this bar.

Goala Rainforest Chocolate from the RSPB - Supporting Bees, Birds and Butterflies in Sierra Leone.

Gola Rainforest Chocolate is made from cocoa beans that are grown under the shade of forest trees in areas surrounding Sierra Leone’s Gola Rainforest National Park, where the RSPB has been working for over 30 years. Gola Rainforest Cocoa is grown on sustainable, ethical and environmentally conscious farms, by communities living around the Park.

This biodiversity hotspot supports many endangered species including pygmy hippos, forest elephants and chimpanzees, as well as more than 300 bird and 600 butterfly species.

If you’re reading this and panicking because you don’t have time to get a gift – choose a gift card like ours that will be sent digitally. Trust me we know what it’s like to run out of time!

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