Real Bird Food

We talk about our bird food being a higher quality, premium mix but what does that really mean? Well, we make real bird food. It’s free from wheat and fillers.

Showing the difference between our birdfood and a different vairety

It’s probably easier to show you, here’s another ‘premium brand’ (left) vs our High-quality food (right). You can tell the difference immediately. Their food is yellow and full of cheap fillers like cereals, maize and wheat. Ours is packed with suet, real bakery grade sunflower hearts & juicy fruits.

Small garden birds have different needs to birds such as pigeons and magpies. We make nutritional, natural food that is suitable for a range of different garden birds. Birds need more than just seeds, they need fats and protein too. Different birds need different things -Robins, for instance have a completely different beak shape, eating style and diet to Goldfinches.

Our mixes are made using only wheat & filler free ingredients; you won’t see maize, cracked corn, peas, red dari in our mixes – these are only enjoyed by large birds. Most bird seed mixes contain lots of these ingredients because they are cheap, but they are not what garden birds would naturally eat and given the choice they go for natural food.

Birds don’t make a mess

Have you ever noticed mess under your bird feeder? The food you find under there is not dropped it is rejected. Small birds will pick through a mix and drop anything they don’t want to eat onto the floor. It is not an accident.

It’s not all about wheat either – it’s about the fillers too. Here’s our table of comparison for some well-known brands and their ‘wheat-free’ mixes that still contain lots of useless fillers.

Comparison of Garden Crowd vs. other Wheat-Free Bird Mixes
Bird FoodMaize‘Cereals’Yellow MilletSunflower HeartsDariPrice (per kg)
PeckishNYYNY £2.61
Happy BeaksYYYNY £2.38
Garden WildlifeYYYNY £1.58
Extra SelectYYYNY £1.11
Garden Crowd*NNNYN £6.95

*Our mixes might seem a little more expensive, but when you realise birds don’t eat maize, cereals, wheat, millet, peas and little birds like blue tits struggle with black sunflower hearts then the value for money actually turns sour. We should remember as well, when things are ‘too cheap’ something is not right; either the quality is bad, someone is being paid poorly or our environment is being affected.