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It’s a peculiar time at the moment, we know a lot of our customers are self-isolating or self-shielding. Lots of people don’t have gardens and can’t access parks but we also know nature is a wonderful healer and health booster.

That’s why we’re creating online content for everyone to connect with nature, even in their homes. We know that the online world is full of stuff, and we don’t want to add to the chaos but just incase people want to hear the sounds of nature in their homes – we’ve created a series of videos and sounds.

These have been recorded in an urban park in Glasgow, which is incredible. We’ve noticed a huge drop in cars in the city and now birdsong is in abundance, I’m sure many many people have also noticed it. It’s a great time too as the dawn chorus is in build up – so the birds are singing their hearts out.

Coronavirus is a fantastic time for the environment and for nature, but it’s also a fantastic time for us to enjoy it too. Make a cup of tea, have a biscuit and sit back and listen to our sound recordings. You can close your eyes or watch the images we’ve added to them. Enjoy.

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