We love birds

We love all birds. We want to support them in our gardens and urban spaces. Our focus is mainly on small garden birds like our robins, blue tits, dunnocks, blackbirds and great tits. Being close to nature is good for all of us, it soothes our souls. Having birdsong in your life is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. In fact the Exeter University studies show that even in offices; hearing natural bird song in the afternoon can increase productivity and lower work related stress.

We want to protect the birds that give so much to us and take very little; all they need is good food, water and habitats – not too much to ask really is it? That’s why we are striving to make great quality bird food in an environmentally conscious way and support urban birds at the same time.

Why do birds need us?

In recent decades lots of natural bird habitat has been lost and numbers of garden birds have fallen dramatically – some by as much as 95%. Our skies, gardens, fields and woods used to be much noisier places, filled with the sound of birdsong. Things are much quieter now as we have fewer of our native birds and numbers of migrating birds have dropped too. Birds need us to provide homes in our gardens, yards, rooftops, parks and urban spaces so that they have spaces to live and raise their young.

We need them as much as they need us. Spending time in natural places, watching birds, having pets and walking in the countryside or parks have all been shown to reduce stress and make us calmer and happier. With rising rates of mental health problems, stress and anxiety we will all benefit from encouraging nature and having more birds around.

Why are urban birds different?

They are not different to us. When we talk about Urban Birds we mean, small garden birds without the luxury of living in a lovely rural garden. They are birds that exist in our suburban areas and cities – but they are struggling. They are struggling to live there. City birds do not have the same quality of life as their rural cousins.

There are lots of studies that show that Urban Birds, the ones that actually live in our urban towns and cities, have a more stressful life. Then there’s the declining numbers because of habitat loss. Take a built-up urban street – how many birds do you hear? Probably a few cheeps, which might increase if you have trees on your street, but really this isn’t enough.

We want to support Urban Birds by doing a few things: –

  1. Promoting the need for green habitats and spaces and creating living cities and wildlife corridors
  2. Providing bird food in areas that are deprived of natural resources, so that birds who live their have a stronger chance of surviving
  3. Helping communities to create eco-systems that support birds, wildlife and us
  4. Promoting the link between nature and humans and how multi-species environments are good for us all