Our favourite Window Feeders and why they are great

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Window Feeders are a great way of supporting birds. They are also lots of fun to have; getting close to nature is a wonderful thing. We are always saying that every flat, office and school should have at least one window feeder. Seeing birds is proven to lower stress, anxiety and depression plus it’s linked to raising productivity, creativity and mood so having them in these spaces is super important.

We’ve been using window feeders for some time now; we have one on the workshop window that is used regularly and it’s been changed a few times to try them out. We always want to know what our birds love the most so we are always trialling new things for them. We’ve collated our favourite window feeders to help you find one that is right for your birds and window.

5 Window Feeders

Higher Price Feeders

  1. Woodlock Window Tray – £29.95

The Woodlock Window Tray is a great way to have ground-feeding birds and birds like tits, sparrows & finches come to your window. It is essentially a table feeder that you can attach your window. It looks like wood but it is made from recycled materials which lasts longer.

Woodlock Window Feeder

The feeder attaches to the window via suckers at the back. If you have a window that only opens a small amount this might be a tough feeder to use; every time you fill the feeder the whole unit needs to come off. The tough, coated-steel mesh base makes it ideal for offering straight foods and blends. Dust and small fragments of uneaten seed fall straight through for extra hygiene. If you buy our birdseed you won’t have dust or uneaten seeds anyway.

This feeder is good for a low window and it attracted a variety of birds. The only con is that the seeds get wet due to not cover.

02. Meripac Window Feeder£13.99

The Meripac feeder is a great little feeder with a roof and a detachable tray. The feeder is plastic and is easy to clean. Meripac feeders come in a variety of types, including adding tube feeders and fat balls. The detachable tray really helps when filling up with birdseed, you can easily remove it without removing the whole unit.

The roof keeps the food dry and the panel on the back stops the birds from noticing you looking at them. This feeder seemed really sturdy and took a lot of weight (we had an inquisitive squirrel!). It comes with a string that loops through the feeder. This is so that in the unlikely event that the feeder should lose suction and fall the string will keep it from falling.

Sparrow on our Window Feeder eating Natural Suet

Sparrows really enjoyed using this feeder, we counted 5 at one time. It was also a hit with baby blue tits which was great to see up close in the workshop. This feeder worked well on low windows and on the first floor of our workshop.

05. Living World Window Feeder – £14.99

The Living World feeder is a great little gadget for you and the birds. The feeder has a large portal with two-way mirror allows you to observe birds without disturbing them. Made from quality components and easy to install, refill and clean.  It also has a nifty little roof and tray and the round shape feels quite stylish on the windows.

This feeder is great for kids too, they usually want to get a lot closer to the birds and this enables them to get up close and view them without disturbing them too much!

Bird Feeder

On a low-level window, this works great for attracting Robins, Tits and even the odd Dunnock. Higher up on the 1st floor Sparrows, Chaffinches and Tits enjoyed using it. We would recommend this feeder for people with kids, or big-kids that want to get a lot closer to the birds. It’s easy to use even if your windows don’t open fully too!

Cheaper price feeders

04. Kingfisher Window Feeder – £3.99

This little feeder is a great basic level one. It has a great pitched roof, a frosted back so birds can’t see you and it fits neatly on the window using suckers. It doesn’t have a removable tray so you have to take the whole unit off, but the suckers are really good at holding it on the window. We found this feeder easy to maintain and use daily. The birds loved it and because they couldn’t see us they were willing to hang around a little longer.

Kingfisher Window Feeder - Product Shot

This is a great feeder for anyone wanting to try window feeding – it’s a great price and easy to use on most windows.

05. Garden Mile Window Feeder – £5.99

Slightly different the Garden Mile feeder is a tube feeder that attaches to the window. It’s a great way to see birds like tits, finches and sparrows eating off the feeder. The feeder comes apart from the suckers so it is easy to clean and fill up without removing the whole unit from the window. The birds seemed to enjoy using it, although the bigger birds struggled a little. It doesn’t stop the birds from seeing you so it’s harder to catch a glimpse of them.

For the first day or so it worked really well, but the suckers struggled under the weight of food and birds. It fell off quite a few times and had to be retrieved. It’s a great choice for a lower level window, maybe a kitchen window. We would recommend this as a starter to see if you like using window feeders, just fill up with less food!

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