Exciting news for Garden Crowd and Urban Birds

Exciting news for Garden Crowd and Urban Birds
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From Bird Food Business to Not-for-Profit

We have had a pretty amazing and successful year trading thanks to all of our wonderful customers, enthusiasts and followers. It started with mixing bags for our own birds in a tiny shed in Derbyshire and now we are supplying to people and birds up and down the country.

Throughout the increase in customers our ethos has remained the same. We want to create a product that is sustainable, natural and filler free. A product that not only provides garden birds with the very best food but does without harm to the environment by using entirely plastic-free, biodegradable packaging. We want to create something that supports great feather growth, better bird songs and increases the number and variety of birds in gardens around the UK.

Our ethos

What has always been a driving force for us is the want to increase garden bird numbers and support them whilst promoting the joy in being connected with nature.

Great Tit Bird Feeder | Garden CrowdLast year we moved from Rural Derbyshire where birds were abundant and we woke to birdsong every morning, to the city of Glasgow. Initially there was no birdsong, but after making our garden a little wilder and providing lots of our bird food, they started to visit. We now have everything from Blue Tits to Bullfinches and quite a lot in between. Frequent visitors include Song Thrushes, Goldfinches, Redpolls and even the local Moorhen, we are now enjoying the Dawn Chorus. However,  that isn’t the case in all Urban spaces and it woke us up to the fact that much more is needed to be done in cities and towns.

That’s where our next phase comes in.

We decided a month or so ago that we want to do more than just sell great bird food. We want to create something bigger than a business and bigger than profit.

With this in mind, we decided to change Garden Crowd from a profit company to a community interest corporation (not-for-profit). We will continue to make amazing natural bird food in biodegradable bags, but all the profits will be reinvested back into our enterprise. This money will then be used to support community projects, conservation, campaigning and working with organisations and schools.

Why not other charities?

Some might ask why we don’t just donate profits to charities, and we have considered this question long and hard. But every time we do, we come back to the same reason; we haven’t found one whose sole purpose is to look after Garden and Urban birds. The RSPB, Wildlife Trusts and other NGOs do amazing jobs tackling and supporting wildlife conservation, they are true pioneers that we look up to, but we want to be more specific. We want to support urban birds in urban spaces.

Ultimately, we want to use the profits from our bird food, to make change. A big change.

What now for Garden Crowd CIC?

In the coming weeks, months and years we want to start providing food for birds in more and more places; by sponsoring feeders across Glasgow and beyond. As well as our own initiatives we will work with community groups, schools and other organisations to take educational and practical measures to increase bird numbers and public wellbeing.

Female Blackbird - Garden CrowdWe’d like to thank everyone who has purchased a bag of our bird food over the last year. We hope you will continue to enjoy our food and the joy it will bring to your garden birds and other urban birds.

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