Garnethill Gathering – Nestboxes & Bird Feeders

Garnethill Gathering – Nestboxes & Bird Feeders

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Our mission is to support birds everywhere. We love birds, we want them to thrive in our gardens, urban spaces, towns & cities. For every bag of bird food we sell, we donate a bag to urban birds through community groups.

Our work in Garnethill, Glasgow

We are working with a fantastic community group in Glasgow called FROGGS. They are based in Garnethill and look after a gorgeous community garden, the viewpoint and support with the Garnethill park.

Garden Crowd is sponsoring 3 bird feeders in the Garnethill community garden, supporting FROGGs to encourage more birds both for the benefit of the birds but also the wider Garnethill community – as we know, greenspaces, birds & wildlife are all fantastic for our health and wellbeing.

The bird feeders will be monitored over the next year to see how many more birds come to the Garnethill area. We have already seen huge growth in species and numbers in our first garden in Glasgow’s Kelvindale. We are hoping for another great success here and hopefully we will be working with FROGGs to support birds in their other locations as well.

The Garnethill Gatherin’

On Sunday last week (26th May) Garnethill FROGGs, in collaboration with the Glasgow School of Art & Glasgow City Council hosted a fantastic event called the Garnethill Gathering. We attended with lots of advice and enthusiasm about birds, gardens and wildlife. We also had lots of nestboxes, butterfly houses and bug houses for kids (and big kids) to paint. These nestboxes are being put up around Garnethill to support the ever-growing Sparrow population and other small urban birds.

Birds & nature really helps us

The day was a fantastic success and it was great to see people engaging in nature and birds. Chatting to people about bird watching in their gardens was a lovely insight into how people are supporting birds around Glasgow and how it is helping them. Wildlife and greenspaces are certainly supporting the community in Garnethill; these events along with their community garden is helping to heal the sadness that people have felt since the Mack fire in June 2018.

At Garden Crowd, we really believe in the importance of nature in our lives. Having greenspaces in town and cities is vital for people’s happiness. Whether you realise it or not, nature and wildlife help us to feel better. Even birdsong, whether you are actively seeking it our or it is surrounding you in your town centre can have a much needed positive impact on the stresses of modern life.

If you would like to know more about the work we are doing with community groups to encourage birds into our towns and cities; check out these pages: Our Mission, Urban Birds.

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