Our Urban Bird Mix - what’s in the bag?

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Our Urban Bird Mix - what’s in the bag?
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At Garden Crowd we focus on small garden birds. We make food that is nutritional and appropriate for the small guys that often get missed with other food. We also focus on raising awareness and feeding Urban Birds — as a population we now live 83% in urban spaces so it’s important that we create havens for birds and wildlife alongside us.

In the Autumn, we launched a specific Urban Bird mix. It’s aimed at birds such as Tree & House Sparrows, Dunnocks, Robins and Starlings. It is also loved by Finches and Blackbirds which you might also see in your Urban Garden.

Like all our food it is made up of what birds need to supplement their natural diet — although natural food can be quite scarce in Urban spaces. It is wheat & filler free and it can be fed to birds all year around. We change our recipes based on the seasons — sometimes the mix has more mealworms than others depending on what they need.

Filler Free

Most bird food is full of fillers. Before I started Garden Crowd when I was feeding my own garden birds I noticed how much crap is in bird food. Small Garden Birds don’t need maize, dari, peas, cracked corn, wheat and even rolled oats. This has very little nutritional value for them and although the food is cheaper if you worked it out on quality it wouldn’t be.

That’s pretty simple, the small birds don’t eat it. Lots of companies will have you believe that wheat is a great staple for birds, but in actual fact it is only really liked by larger ground feeding birds like pigeons, magpies, crows or sparrows that have no other nutritional alternative.

It is a cheap filler and unfortunately a false economy in the long run. You might think it’s a bargain to pick up big sacks of cheap mixes — and I did when I first started feeding them — but actually it is offering little to no nutritional value and just gets left anyway.

Even on WinterWatch they found that only 0.3% of wheat was chosen by birds in their experiments and the birds were from farms with natural wheat growing and they still didn’t choose it.

I always say to be people put less good quality food out then tonnes of cheap stuff.

Our food doesn’t contain fillers. It only contains real food that the birds need.

What’s in the bag?

Our Urban Bird mix has lots of different seeds and nutritious goodness inside. It’s packed with what birds need and it changes depending on the seasons; slightly more of one thing, slightly less of something else. Our Urban Bird mix is also a great no-mess mix so you won’t need to worry about giving it to ground feeders.

Here are some of the wonderful nutritious and yummy seeds that make up our real bird food (it’s almost bird granola!):

Sunflower Hearts:

Sunflower Hearts provide garden birds with a rich source of oil, protein and energy, they are mess free and they are husk free. They are loved by all sorts of birds like finches, dunnocks, robins, sparrows and starlings.

Pinhead Oatmeal:

Excellent in Carbs & Fats. It has no husks and creates no mess. Pinhead Oatmeal is packed with proteins that are great for small garden birds. It’s also got an extremely high oil content which is brilliant for good conditioned feathers and songs. Pinhead Oatmeal is also a wonderful resource for fledgling birds.


Hemp Seed is a fantastic energy source. It is rich in oil and protein and is high in fat, carbohydrate and essential fatty and amino acids. This seed is really good for weight gain in garden birds. It is ideal throughout winter & in fledgling season.


What bird doesn’t love a worm! They are also a rich source of protein and fat which can be fed all the year round.

Kibbled Peanuts:

Kibbled Peanuts are a nutritious snack for a variety of wildlife.They are the closest food to a bird’s natural diet. They contain 560 kcals per 100g which can be a lifeline throughout the Winter months!

White Millet:

White millet is really nutritious. It will attract a variety of colourful crowd to your garden. The seeds are easily digestible, particularly high in B complex vitamins and minerals. It will help keep wild birds warm during cold weather.

100% Biodegradable packaging

Feeding my own Garden Crowd made me frustrated with how much plastic was being used.  Most bird food comes in plastic bags! Unless you are completely shut off from the world you will know how many articles are now written about plastic, how we need to stop making it and how ultimately we need to find new packaging for our products.

In case you haven’t heard here’s an article on it, and another, and another and I’ve found another one (that was in a quick search)!

If you’re a bird lover then just by that statement you should be a nature lover or at least want to create a better planet for both animals and humans.

Our bird food comes in 100% biodegradable packaging which will breakdown in just 10 weeks! The bag is a mixture of cellulose and kraft paper and keeps the food fresh whilst supporting the environment we live in.

You can find out more information about our Urban Bird mix on our website.

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