How to stop squirrels eating your bird food

How to stop squirrels eating your bird food
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A couple of times a month we do a little bird chat on Instagram stories. Simply asking people to ask us questions. A lot of the time, the questions turn to squirrels. In particular, how to stop them eating bird food.

We all know that squirrels have a large capacity for bird food. Plus at this time of year they will be burying the food for storing over Winter. That’s one peanut for the mouth and two for the ground.

The trouble is squirrels are actually pretty ingenious, so it can be a tough battle. We have spent years using different methods to prevent squirrels from eating our bird food. We thought we would share our findings and hopefully it will help in your own back garden crusade.

Squirrel Proof Feeders

Squirrel proof feeders do seem to the one of the best ways. There are loads on the market, but a word of caution. Choose one that can’t be accessed by their little hands. Feeders that can simply be lifted or chewed through just won’t prevent them.

We have found a few good ones that really do stop squirrels:

The RSPB Feed guardian — this one is good because the feeder top is also inside the cage so the squirrels can’t access it and get the food.

Squirrel Busters — we found that weighted ones can work really well. Although you need to position carefully so that the squirrels don’t work out how to make themselves lighter.

Squirrel Deterrents

Sometimes it is just about stopping them actually getting up the pole and there are a few ways you can do that. Lots of products are on the market but here are a few we have used:

Squirrel Slinky — sounds a little bit exotic. It’s actually just a slider that fits to the pole and stops them being able to climb it.

Squirrel Dome — domes are a great way to stop squirrels getting up the poles. You need to position them away from fences though as some squirrels learn to jump onto the dome. Like a little landing platform!

Squirrel Spinners — these seem a little bit drastic but can be useful if you have a really difficult group of squirrels.

Feed the squirrels

This might seem counter intuitive but actually feeding the squirrels can really help. We have set up a squirrel feeding station away from the feeder and they are given their own portion of food each day. This has worked really well in stopping them from gorging on the bird food and preventing the small garden birds from getting to the feeder.

Red Squirrel on Feeder - Garden Crowd

Squirrel Feeders

There are a range of squirrel feeders on the market. This one is particularly nice and does a great job in our garden.

Squirrels also need to eat and at garden crowd we like to support the whole crowd that you get. That’s why we would suggest detering squirrels from bird feeders but supplying them with food elsewhere.


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